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Windows Operating System

Windows comprises exclusive families of graphical operating systems that are commercially produced and marketed by Microsoft Corporation. As of April 2022, it possesses a 75% market share, stands as the most widely adopted desktop operating system globally.

Windows has the functionality to store and view files, execute software, play games and watch videos, in addition to providing an internet connection. It is intended for both home computing and professional work, making it Windows is pre-installed on the majority of new personal computers. the world's most widely used operating system.

Windows enables users to perform various daily tasks, including browsing the internet, checking emails, editing digital images, listening to music, playing games and more. Additionally, it is prevalent in offices due to its provision of productivity tools such as calendars, word processors and spreadsheets.

There have been numerous iterations of Windows, namely Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP, since Microsoft originally launched the operating system in the mid-1980s. Windows 11 is the most recent operating system release, replete with fresh features catering to work, learning, and entertainment.

Find tips, tricks, and troubleshooting articles related to the Windows operating system:

  1. Steps to Solve the Issue of the Internet Icon Globe Display Indicating No Internet Access When There is Internet Access
  2. It is Possible to Download Quick Assist for Other Versions of Windows
  3. Steps to Solve the Issue of Windows Defender Turning Off and Refusing to Turn Back on
  4. Steps to Completely Remove an Audio Driver From Windows 10
  5. Steps to Solve the Issue of Windows Defender Detecting Trojan:script/wacatac.html and Keep Popping Up
  6. Steps to See the History of Apps That Have Been Uninstalled in Windows 10
  7. Steps to Solve the Issue of Windows 10 Restarting Automatically After Shutdown
  8. Steps to Solve the Apc Index Mismatch Bsod Error
  9. Steps to Solve the Blue Screen of Death Issue
  10. Steps to Solve the Windows Update Error "We Could Not Complete the Install Because an Update Service Was Shutting Down"
  11. Steps to Solve Error Code 0x80070643 in Microsoft Windows 10
  12. Steps to Solve the Issue of Not Being Able to Connect JBL Tune500 Bluetooth Headphones to Windows 10
  13. Steps to Solve the Desktop Window Manager Process High GPU Usage Issue
  14. Steps to Solve the Issue of Not Being Able to Change Performance Settings in the Power Options on a Surface Laptop
  15. Steps to Fix "Windows 10 Camera App - Error 0xa00f4288" Error Message
  16. Steps to Fix "Couldn't Download - Virus Scan Failed Message" Error Message
  17. Steps to Deal With Defaultuser100000xxx Folders
  18. Steps to Fix "Wi-fi 6 Ax201 Adapter is Experiencing Driver or Hardware Related Problems" Error Message
  19. Steps to Fix "Your Pin is No Longer Available" Error Message
  20. Steps to Fix "Wslregisterdistribution Failed With Error: 0x80370102" Error Message
  21. Steps to Fix "Vcruntime140_1.dll Was Not Found" Error
  22. Steps to Delete Files With [too] Long File Names in Windows
  23. Steps to Fix Wifi 6 (Mediatek Mt7921) Disconnects Randomly
  24. Steps to Allow the Mouse or Keyboard to Wake the Computer When the Laptop Lid is Closed
  25. Steps to Troubleshoot and Fix Problems Related to Not Being Able to See Your Own Wireless Network on Your Home Laptop
  26. Steps to Solve Problems While Installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable (X64) Package
  27. Steps to Show All Icons on Both Monitors in Windows 10
  28. Steps to use Realtek Audio Manager for ALC1220-VB codec (Gigabyte)
  29. Steps to Remove the Grey Box on Top-right Corner of Windows 10 Desktop
  30. Steps to Connect Two Headphones at the Same Time on the Same Device in Windows
  31. Steps to Transfer Files From C Drive to D Drive
  32. Steps to Solve the Continuous Loop Issue After Updating to Windows 11
  33. Steps to Solve the Problem: Ene.sys Error After Upgrading to Windows 11 22h2
  34. Reinstall Bluetooth Driver on Windows 10 Laptop
  35. Steps to Download, Install, and Update Realtek Audio Driver in Windows 11
  36. Steps to Protect Yourself from Phishing Attempts
  37. Steps to Fix False Positive Issue with uTorrent
  38. Steps to Fix Fingerprint Reader Not Working on Windows 11
  39. Steps to Download PC Health Check App for Windows 11 Compatibility Test
  40. Steps to Turn Off Antimalware Service Executable
  41. Steps to Fix AirPods Pro Mic Not Working on Windows 10 PC
  42. Steps to Fix Unable to Reset Windows 10 Error
  43. Steps to Fix the GLFW Error 65542 in Minecraft
  44. Steps to Change the White Balance for a Built-in Webcam
  45. Steps to Remove an Image from Your Search Box
  46. Steps to Fix the "This PC doesn't currently meet the minimum system requirements to run Windows 11" Error
  47. Steps to Fix the 0x80004005 Error
  48. Steps to Fix the msvcp140_1.dll Missing Error
  49. Steps to Fix SMB Sharing Not Working After Windows 10 Build 2004 Update
  50. Steps to Fix the I2C HID Device Error
  51. Steps to Fix the Win32Bridge.Server.exe Error
  52. Steps to Solve High Vmmem CPU and Memory Usage
  53. Steps to Disable Microsoft Text Input Application
  54. Steps to Increase Download Speed
  55. Steps to Reset a Computer Without a Recovery Key or Microsoft ID
  56. Steps to Clean the RAM Cache on Windows 10
  57. Steps to Set Up an Admin Account with Full Access
  58. Steps to Disable TextInputHost.exe
  59. Steps to Fix Error Code 0x80073D26
  60. Steps to Fix DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restorehealth Command Getting Stuck
  61. Steps to Identify and Handle Unusual Sign-in Activity Emails
  62. Steps to Fix Lenovo Laptop Turning On Automatically When Lid is Open
  63. Steps to Fix "Could Not Find This Item" Error
  64. Steps to Fix Windows 10 Missing Bluetooth Power Management Tab
  65. Steps to Fix "Session 'PerfDiag Logger' stopped due to the following error: 0xC0000188"
  66. Steps to Fix NVMe M.2 SSD Not Detected in Windows 10 x64
  67. Steps to Use Earphone as Both Input and Output of Audio in Windows 10
  68. Steps to Fix Fast Internet But Slow Download Speed
  69. Steps to Fix "Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 X64 Minimum Runtime - 14.27.29016" Error
  70. Steps to Fix Network Drives Cannot be Mapped After Updating to Windows 10 v20H2
  71. Steps to Fix "Microsoft Xbox Gaming Services - Error"
  72. Steps to Get Rid of "GameInput Redistributable"
  73. Steps to Fix "WindowsUpdate_80072EFE" "WindowsUpdate_dt000" Error
  74. Steps to Downgrade from Windows 11 to Windows 10 After 10 Days Without Losing Data
  75. Steps to Fix "A Device Which Does Not Exist Was Specified" Error
  76. Steps to Fix Windows 10 Stuck on the Welcome Screen
  77. Steps to Delete User Profile in Windows 10
  78. Steps to Fix PCI Serial Port Driver Not Installing on Windows
  79. Steps to Fix Laptop Not Getting On and Only Power is Blinking
  80. Steps to Fix Bluetooth Disappearing from Windows 11
  81. What is a Cumulative Update Preview on Windows?
  82. Where is Windows Key in Bios?
  83. Steps to Correct or Reinstall Your Audio/Sound Driver for Windows 10
  84. Steps to Install a Generic Camera Driver for Windows 10
  85. Steps to solve the Win32Bridge Server Problem - Incorrect Function error
  86. Steps to Show More Options by Default in Windows 11
  87. Steps to update the PCI driver and SM Bus Controller
  88. Steps to Log Into Windows 10 Without a Password
  89. Steps to Solve the Error Code 0x803fb005
  90. Steps to solve Microsoft Windows Desktop Runtime - 3.1.17 (x64)
  91. Steps to Install the Gmail App on Your Windows 11 Pc Laptop
  92. Steps to Solve Microsoft Store Won't Open
  93. Steps to Solve Core Isolation Memory Integrity Fails to Enable Because of Incompatible Driver Wdcsam64_prewin8.sys
  94. Steps to Upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10
  95. Steps to Solve Camera Displaying Black and White Images
  96. Steps to Solve Japanese Ime Not Ready Yet Error
  97. Steps to Solve Pl2303 Phased-out Error
  98. Steps to Solve Vmmem High Memory and CPU Usage
  99. Steps to Solve Windows Update Error 0x80240023
  100. Steps to Stop Apps From Pinning Themselves on Startup to the Taskbar
  101. Steps to Solve the Speaker Icon in the Taskbar Not Working
  102. Steps to Remove PUA:Win32/Presenoker
  103. Steps to install Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 11
  104. Steps to Solve Intel(R) Smart Sound Technology (Intel(R) Sst) Oed Driver Not Starting Correctly
  105. Steps to Solve Xhunter1.sys Driver Issues
  106. Steps to Fix Error Code 0x80070002 in Windows Update
  107. Steps to Keep a Window Always on Top in Windows 10
  108. Steps to Solve Brown Box Icons in Windows 11
  109. Steps to Solve a Black Screen on a Windows 10 Computer
  110. Steps to Connect to a 5ghz Wifi Network on Windows
  111. Steps to Solve "No Internet Connection" Error Message in Windows 10
  112. Steps to restore USB settings in Power Plan Options on Windows 10
  113. Steps to Stream Music From an Android Phone to a Pc via Bluetooth
  114. Steps to Solve Uploaded Picture as Teams Meeting Background Looks Reversed
  115. Steps to Solve "This Sign-in Option is Disabled Because of Failed Sign-in Attempts or Repeated Shutdowns"
  116. Steps to Solve Folders Not Refreshing Automatically in Windows 10
  117. Steps to Solve Antimalware Service Executable High Memory Usage
  118. Steps to Solve the Issue of the Bluetooth Troubleshooter Saying "Device Does Not Have Bluetooth"
  119. Steps to Solve the "Important Security Message - Your Computer Has Been Locked" Scam
  120. Steps to Solve "Multiplayer is Disabled" Error
  121. Steps to Solve PFN_LIST_CORRUPT Error
  122. Steps to use Windows Speech Recognition
  123. Steps to Turn Off S Mode - Windows 10
  124. Steps to Solve the Issue: Windows Store is Missing From the Start Menu
  125. Steps to solve the issue: Local Security Authority Protection is Off (but It's on)
  126. Steps to Remove an Account From "Emails & Accounts" in Windows 10
  127. Steps to Fix the Issue of Windows Update Version 20h2 Being Stuck at 20% Installing
  128. Steps to Add Transitions to Video Clips in Video Editor in Windows 10
  129. Steps to Install Duckduckgo as Your Web Browser in Windows
  130. Steps to Solve the Taskbar Icons Not Showing Issue on Windows
  131. Steps to Remove the Green Check Marks On Desktop Icons and Photos in Windows 10
  132. Steps to Fix The Windows 10 Update Stuck Issue
  133. Steps to Install WMvideo Decoder Video Codec on Windows 10
  134. Steps To Download And Install Gpedit.msc On Windows 10 Home
  135. Steps to activate Windows 10 with a Windows 7 product key
  136. Steps to fix "Your device is missing important security and quality fixes. Error (0x80080005)"
  137. The Windows 10 Mail app is a useful tool for managing email accounts, including Yahoo Mail. However, sometimes users may encounter an error code 0x8019019a when trying to set up Yahoo Mail in the Mail app. This error can be frustrating and prevent you from accessing your email. In this article, we will discuss why this error occurs and how to solve it.
  138. Steps to fix the "A fatal error occurred while creating a TLS client credential. The internal error state is 10013" error
  139. Steps to fix unavailable Windows PIN passwords
  140. Steps to fix swapped Alt and Windows keys
  141. Steps to Set a Laptop Battery Charging Limit
  142. Steps to Fix a Slow Windows 10 Computer
  143. Steps to Disable User OOBE Broker
  144. Steps to Deal with RUXIM
  145. Steps to Block a Program in a Firewall
  146. Steps to Solve the Issue of Receiving a win32/hive.zy Removal Notification Every Time You Run a Program
  147. Steps to Change the Size of Taskbar Icons in Windows 11
  148. Steps to Solve a Program Open in the Taskbar but Not Visible on the Screen in Windows
  149. Steps to Turn Off PIN Login on Windows 11
  150. Steps to Solve Memory Integrity Cannot be Turned ON in Windows
  151. Steps to Solve PC Windows Restarting Automatically After Shutdown
  152. Steps to Solve Local Security Authority Protection being OFF
  153. Steps to download MSVCP140.dll
  154. Steps to Fix the Windows 10 Cumulative Update Error 0x800f081f
  155. Steps to Fix the Kernel Security Check Failure Error
  156. Steps to Install Microsoft Store App Through PowerShell
  157. Steps to Download the Offline Installer for Chromium Edge
  158. Steps to Find Wi-Fi Password on Connected LAN Cable
  159. Steps to Fix the ffmpeg.dll Missing Error
  160. Steps to Fix WIFI 6 Mediatek MT7921 Card not Working
  161. Steps to Stop the Upgrade to Windows 11
  162. Steps to go to to Put in the Code
  163. Steps to Solve being Stuck on the Screen "Scanning and repairing drive C 100% complete"
  164. Steps to cancel Minecraft Realms Plus
  165. Steps to Disable SearchApp.exe from Running
  166. Steps to solve Microsoft Update Health Tools
  167. Steps to fix Xbox One Controller Drivers not Installed on PC
  168. Steps to fix "Restart Required Your PC Needs to be restarted to finish setting up this device Xvdd SCSI Miniport" Error Message
  169. Steps to fix "vcruntime140_1.dll is missing from your system" Error Message
  170. Steps to Fix "Something went wrong. Try to reopen settings later" Error Message
  171. Steps to fix "No device drivers were found" error message
  172. Steps to Fix WaasMedic Agent Exe High CPU Usage Issue
  173. Steps to Link iPhone to Windows 11
  174. Steps to Install Microsoft Store on Windows 10
  175. Steps to Fix the "Other User" Option in Windows 10 LogIn
  176. Steps to Choose Between Cloud Download and Local Download
  177. Steps to Fix the "Something happened and your PIN isn't available" Error
  178. Steps to Fix the "We couldn't complete the updates" Error
  179. Steps to Fix the "Critical Process Died" Error
  180. Steps to Fix Media Creation Tool Error Code 0x80072f8f - 0x20000
  181. Steps to Fix the Windows Key Not Working
  182. Steps to Fix the "Preparing Automatic Repair" Loop
  183. How to Fix High CPU, RAM, or Disk Usage Caused by MoUSO Core Worker Process?
  184. Ways to Fix 100% Disk Usage on Windows 10
  185. Ways to Fix VCRUNTIME140_1.dll Missing Error
  186. Steps to Fix High Disk Usage Caused by Sysmain on Windows 10
  187. Steps to Remove a Microsoft Account
  188. Steps to Prevent Automatic Updates for a Specific Driver in Windows 10 Home